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Vocal Academy's free singing lessons declared a great success

Close up of basses

On 16 November 2005, at the end of 10 weeks hard work a small concert was held. "Very professional - I'm very impressed by the course" said one participant, "I've learnt a fantastic amount"
The students rehearsing

The students performing to the regular chorus

The students performed "Caroline" and "Sing low, sweet chariot", two of the three songs they had learnt during the 10 week course. Graham Davies, musical director of Vocal Academy said "really they have only had 5 hours to learn all three songs, as much of the time is spent learning the craft of singing."


Later in the evening Vocal Academy performed 3 songs from their repertoire and were then joined with the students to close the concert with "Land of Hope and Glory"
Massed chorus of students and VA



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